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Bishop Fred L. Clark

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

1886 ~ 1955

Bishop Fred L. Clark was born on August 14, 1886, at Little Captene, Ohio. His father was a coal miner, and died when Fred was quite young, causing him to spend some time in Belmont County Children's Home. Since his father was a soldier, Fred was later transferred to the Soldiers and Sailors Orphans Home at Xenia, Ohio.

Fred had his first experience with God at the age of thirteen, and was converted in a special meeting at Xenia. He was told to go and do the best he could, and without the power of God in his life, the best he did was very bad. Fred left the home at the age of sixteen, and went to Barnesville, Ohio where he got in with a group of older boys, and was taught to drink, smoke, and gamble, until finally, he hit rock bottom.

Afterward, he went to Columbus, Ohio to work, and later years he met and married Oneita Paynther. After two years of marriage, the Clark's joined the Methodist church, where the Lord convinced Fred of His mighty power through the means of an accident. After a few years in the Methodist church, his soul became hungry for more of God, and he asked his pastor if God didn't have more for a man than he had. The pastor told him that all God expected of him was the best that he could do.

It was than that brother Clark heard about holiness. He fought against it at first, but being convinced that it was necessary, on February 11, 1923, he was baptized in Jesus' Name, and on February 13, the same year, he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It wasn't long before the Lord made him to know what his life's work was to be. He then yeilded and was ordained by Elder Karl F. Smith, and Elder Clifton Fulton. Elder Clark's first little work was at Sabina, Ohio.

On January 7, 1927, the Lord led him to go to Warren, Ohio. Shortly afterward, the church began to increase, and they remodled the building. On August 4, 1933, Elder Clark was made District Elder, and was very faithful, and efficient in this office. On August 26, 1936 he was made full Bishop over the Ohio, Diocese. Eventually, God's time for Bishop Clark came full circle.


On September 18, 1955 Bishop Fred L. Clark fell on sleep, as the Angles of heaven carried his spirit home to be with the Lord. He now awaits the resurrection. Bishop Clark's legacy and dedication, stand as a lasting monument to the great work that he did for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

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